Harmonised context-specific soil carbon monitoring and its impact on the compliance with the LULUCF Regulation

The Marvic team gathered for the debate

MARVIC celebrates the second General Assembly with insightful debates and strategy fine-tuning

Marvic team standing together outside

Important progress on the European Carbon Removal Certification Framework and the role of project MARVIC

Edouard Lanckriet standing at a podium giving his presentation

Edouard Lanckriet detailed what is still missing to build trustworthy carbon farming markets at the first European Carbon Farming Summit

Reliable and cost-effective monitoring of carbon sequestration by carbon agriculture?

The Finnish Meteorological Institute studies the effect of fields on the climate

The FMI is involved in the development of international carbon removal certification scheme (text in Finnish)

The MARVIC consortium working on refining the options for calculating baselines

MARVIC's recommendations on baseline approach for the Carbon Removal Certification Framework

The MARVIC consortium meeting in Ghent, Belgium

The MARVIC consortium launched the project in Ghent